PS Telemed

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Tech Specs

Software as a service (SaaS)

Without installations, just choose the type of consultation and start enjoying the service

On the cloud

 No mather where you are, PStelemed is always on your hand, and the info you need of each patient will be available

Innovative Design

Interface whith simple and unique design

Best User’s Experience

Friendly system for both the doctor and for the patient


Functional Specs

Pstelemed brings you closer to the future of telemedice


Registration on the PStelemed platform is completely free for patients, the cost of the Teleconsultation will be defined by each specialist doctor.

Also the registration for doctors who wish to use the platform is free, please click HERE and fill out the form.

Health Organizations that wish to use this platform click HERE and fill out the form, you will be immediately contacted by one of our corporate sales executives.


For corporate plans click HERE


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